2011.03.21 16:09 "[Tiff] Thunder Decoder Vulnerability", by Frank Warmerdam

2011.05.20 12:59 "Re: [Tiff] Failed to allocate memory", by Thomas Ellett

Hi Frank,

I've done a tiffdump, seems you may be right.

Magic: 0x4949 <little-endian> Version: 0x2a <ClassicTIFF> Directory 0: offset 29368 (0x72b8) next 0 (0)

Does this mean theres a problem with the file or the libtiff library?



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Emne: Re: [Tiff] Failed to allocate memory

On 11-05-20 04:26 AM, Thomas Ellett wrote:

> Hi all,

> I'm posting this here because I believe this is a libtiff issue, but I'll cross > post it to the gdal mailing list as well just in case.


> The issue I'm having is processing a 2.7 gb single page tiff. I wanted to use > gdal_retile (tried gdal 1.7.0b2 and 1.8.0) on this to first tile and then

> eventually pyramid the resultant images.

> However, when I tried to do a gdalinfo command or gdal _retile command on the > image I'd just get a memory error. So I tried to make the tiff smaller using

> gdal_translate but got the same error:
> /gdal_translate -outsize 50% 50% \gebco_nordic_mareano_utm33.tif c:\gebco50.tif/

> ERROR 1: \gebco_nordic_mareano_utm33.tif:Failed to allocate memory for to read > TIFF directory (0 elements of 12 bytes each)

> ERROR 1: TIFFReadDirectory:Failed to read directory at offset 29368

> I have built using the bigtiff option so the size shouldn't be an issue, does > anyone have any thoughts on this, I've just come up against a brick wall!!


It would be interesting to see the output of tiffdump on this file. The error is quite peculiar and leads me to suspect there is an extra directory with zero tiff tags in it and that the failure is essentially due to a call to malloc(0). It's too bad the file itself is to large to conveniently sling around.