2011.12.21 14:52 "[Tiff] Proposed patch for ppm2tiff", by Jürgen_Buchmüller

2011.12.21 16:08 "Re: [Tiff] Proposed patch for ppm2tiff", by Bob Friesenhahn

On Wed, 21 Dec 2011, Jürgen Buchmüller wrote:

The attached patch extends the ppm2tiff tool with an option

 -m mode open the output.tif with 'mode', e.g. a for append

This makes it easy to put multiple PNM images, or e.g djpeg outputs, into a single TIFF like:

        djpeg 1.jpg | ppm2tiff -m a -c jpeg:90 output.tif
        djpeg 2.jpg | ppm2tiff -m a -c jpeg:90 output.tif
        djpeg 9.jpg | ppm2tiff -m a -c jpeg:90 output.tif

Since there is only one useful mode option, I suggest that the '-m a' option be changed to a simple flag like '-a' for append. Can you incorporate that in your patch?

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