2004.05.27 01:15 "[Tiff] large TIFF - two alternatives", by Steve Carlsen

2004.05.27 19:15 "Re: [Tiff] large TIFF - two alternatives", by Frank Warmerdam

Would it be helpful for the libtiff team to go ahead with prototype implementation of the new format for "test driving"?

Yes (in a branch, of course!).


OK, I have asked Andrey to work on this when he has a chance.

I am personally very in favor of specification documents developed concurrently with a couple of interoperable implementations of the specification.

The best idea would probably be setting up a TWIKI site to keep an ongoing list of differences from the TIFF 6 spec, and include any implementation issues we come across. I'm not sure if we'd want it fully public or private.

I think this is an excellent idea. I will look into getting Twiki enabled on libtiff.maptools.org. It is already installed there for other hosted projects.

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