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2001.03.09 12:00 "Re: turning TIFF Images", by Roy Darrall

Hello Chris, Juergen,

Have you found solutions for your requirements yet?

We have a Mac based product called PixelProof which can make small angle shears/rotates in large (no size limits) bitmap TIFF images. It could be run in batch mode if we wanted to do so.

What are your image types? And platforms?

The program does many, many other things, especially for TIFF files and making colour proofs on screen and to printers from multiple layered TIFFS.

I can send a PDF brochure and/or answer any other questions on-line if you are interested to know more.

Chris, can you describe the image style/content/type more to help understand the degree of auto detection required for the rotate amount?

Best Regards,


Roy Darrall, Luscher UK Ltd, De Mara, Douro Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2PD
Email: Tel: +44 1242 231101 Fax: +44 1242 235508

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