2004.10.20 18:40 "[Tiff] the BitsPerSymbol tag", by Sachin Garg

2004.10.21 04:43 "Re: [Tiff] the BitsPerSymbol tag", by Sachin Garg

ed grissom, frank,

I am actually using the read/write buffer routines from tiffcp. Do these routines return a padded version of image data as described by you above (with pad size determinable from single td_bitspersample value)?

Also, Is there some way detecting this?

So that I can return "unsupported" from my application for such images.

(because if I do a read+write of such an image using libtiff+tiffcp, i will probably end up with a tiff image which as different specifications than the image I started with, which is unacceptable for my application)

Sachin Garg [India]