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January 2015

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2015.01.01 20:24 "Re: [Tiff] Fast TIFF Reading on Windows", by Aaron Boxer
2015.01.01 17:12 "Re: [Tiff] Fast TIFF Reading on Windows", by Bob Friesenhahn

2015.01.01 20:24 "Re: [Tiff] Fast TIFF Reading on Windows", by Aaron Boxer

On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 12:27 PM, <> wrote:

> > On Thu, 1 Jan 2015, Aaron Boxer wrote:

> >> Can anyone recommend the very fastest way of reading TIFF files on > windows?

> >> For example, there are several ways of reading in the file, including > memory mapping. Has anyone benchmarked performance on

> >> recent versions of windows?
> My experience is that plain read() is generally faster than mmap(),
> and does not chew up your VM.
> For tiled images, read with TIFFReadTile(). For strip images, read
> with TIFFReadEncodedStrip().

> You may need to do some repacking of pixel data after reading, > unfortunately. As I'm sure you know, there are an annoying number of

> cases you probably ought to handle, like 2-bit palette images, or > something mad like that.


Thanks, John. The file format is not exotic for the files I am interested in, fortunately,

I will need to run my own benchmarks, I suppose.