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November 1996

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1996.11.07 15:26 "Re: Tiff file informations", by Tom Lane

> But this type of ordering is in contradiction with the way we store the
> YCbCr datas with YCbCrSubSampling Values of [2,2].
> We have video images YCbCr in the format 4:2:2 (corresponding to
> ChromaSubSampleHoriz = 2 and ChromaSubSampleVert = 2) and the data are
> stored this way (the same that we read them) Y1, Cb1, Y2,Cr1, Y3, Cb2,
> Y4,Cr2 etc...
> in fact two values of luma for one couple of chroma (Cb,Cr).
> Could someone ask this question : is the specification documentation false
> especially on page 93 or is the way we are storing datas wrong ? It's very
> important for us to know, because we want to import TIFF files to our
> system. 

4:2:2 is not [2,2] sampling, it is [2,1] sampling.  You have chroma
downsampled 2x relative to luma horizontally, but the same resolution
vertically.  A lot of people make this mistake, because the a:b:c
notation is very unintuitive.  (For reference, the other common sampling
ratios are 4:1:1 == [4,1] and 4:2:0 == [2,2].)

If you are storing YCbCr data in that order in a TIFF file, then your
TIFF file is unquestionably erroneous.  Section 21 is perfectly clear
that the TIFF sample order for [2,1] sampling is Y00,Y01,Cb,Cr.

If you are storing YCbCr data in that order in some format of your own
devising, that's certainly a choice you can make.  You will have to
reorder the samples when converting to or from TIFF.

			regards, tom lane