2003.08.18 05:44 "[Tiff] Crashes", by Javier Kohen

2003.08.18 07:20 "[Tiff] Crashes", by Javier Kohen

Hi, I have a small tiff file that can crash programs compiled against libtiff 3.5.7

Have you checked this bug with the more up to date libtiff? Latest libtiff release is 3.6.0beta2:


It works, indeed. I'd stuck to 3.5.7 because that's what Debian has. I'll make some noise in Debian's BTS (I had reported this issue about a month ago already, but got no response from the maintainer). I had to enable Old-JPEG support to be able to actually see the image, but it didn't crash even when this was disabled.

Damn... all this trouble for an image that's too bright and blured :-\ I was better not being able to see it :)


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