1998.07.09 13:53 "tiffsplit in a cronjob", by Humzah Jaffar

1998.07.09 18:52 "Whoopass! Re: tiffsplit in a cronjob", by Humzah Jaffar

thanks all for the suggestions. all that was needed was to specify the full name of tiffsplit. but using doug's tiffinfo $FILE 2>/dev/null | fgrep 'TIFF Directory at offset' | wc -l to count pages produced much faster results. here's the comparison times...

using tiffinfo...
real 30.2
user 1.6
sys 9.5

using tiffsplit...
real 143.9
user 9.3
sys 54.6

i'm sure the c program will be even quicker.

thanks again.