2003.10.31 00:45 "ask for suggestions....", by Zuyuan Wang

2003.11.03 15:36 "[Tiff] Re: ask for suggestions....", by Zuyuan Wang

Dear Frank,

Would you please attatch the TIFFReadRGBATile() manual pages as a document? There are a lot of wrong words of the mail you sent to me. I think that something wong....

Would you like tell me what's the difference between TIFFReadTile and TIFFReadRGBATile? I tried them both, but neither works. If I used the TIFFReadTile for reading the tile image, then is is right that the buffer size should be (tilewidth* tileLength *3)*uint32? I have noticed that TIFFGetR, TIFFGetG, and TIFFGetB is used in the condition of TIFFReadRGBATile, then can I use TIFFGetR, TIFFGetG, and TIFFGetB to read the data out read by TIFFReadTile?

Waiting for your kind suggestions....
Best regards....

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