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2000.03.21 01:13 "scale question", by Scott&Patty
2000.03.21 01:23 "raster scaling", by Scott&Patty
2000.03.21 10:13 "Re: raster scaling", by Frank D. Cringle

2000.03.21 01:23 "raster scaling", by Scott&Patty

I'll try again...


pixels) images. I have seen a number of products that do this very well.
"Zooming out" on a large image is practically instantaneous and the pixels
are dithered to gray-scale resulting in very fine lines. While Wang Imaging
(for Windows) is slow at load-time and memory heavy compared to some I've
seen, it does do display of monochrome images like I'm interested in.

I've checked the Graphics Gems series, Foley and van Dam, and a number of
the standard journals all to no avail. Am I missing something obvious?

I should probably state that I have of course tried optimizing the brute
force method of checking every pixel that lies within the newly scaled
pixel. As hard as I try to optimize, I am still _significantly_ slower than
what I've seen (not to mention that I'm not even trying to generate gray
level pixels based on the density of "on" pixels).

Thanks for any help (and please forgive my ignorance <g>).