1999.11.05 17:25 "ANNOUNCE: lcms 1.0 released", by Martí Maria

**** lcms 1.0 released Nov-2-1999 ****

I'm glad to announce the first public release of my little cms package.

"little cms", "lcms" as short, is a free, open source, CMM engine. It provides fast transforms between ICC profiles.

At risk of be out-topic, I have post the announcement here, because lcms can be used together with Sam's library, enhancing it with some features:

CIELab TIFF support
Accurate separation handling
ICC embedded profiles handling
Colorimetric TIFF support
Color space translations
Color matching
Formatting aids (8/16 bsp, swapped channels like GR,... )

lcms can be used as a static or dynamic library. Thus, by using it, programmers can incorporate ICC profile support into their applications. Although lcms is done and only works under MS windows, it doesn't rely on windows ICM to work. And since I'm giving source code, it would be possible to port to other platforms.

I will take no more of your time enumerating characteristics of this engine, if you are interested, please take a look into lcms home page:


The demo program is using Sam's lib plus lcms for TIFF display. Only TIFFReadTile() and TIFFReadStrip() are used, there is no need of TIFFReadRGBAImage().

I will appreciate very much any feedback, positive or negative.


Martí Maria
lcms author.

Palamós (Spain), Nov-2-1999