TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

2000.03.29 05:05 "tiff 3.5.5 release & lzw-compression-kit 1.1 release", by M. L. Welles

tiff 3.5.5 is officially available. Hopefully there won't be *too*
much wrong with it. There's been quite a few changes and (most
importantly) some pretty important bug fixes. Please take a look at
your leasure. I think we've incorporated most of the pending patches
and addressed most of the concerns that have filtered in since the 3.5.4
release. If not, please let us know -- it probably wasn't

Along with 3.5.5, there's a new version of the lzw-compression-kit, v
1.1 -- it's necessary that you get it, too, in order to enable lzw
compression in tiff 3.5.5. Usual crazy US patent restrictions apply.

As always, they're both available at, and

The change log for libtiff since the last release follows:

2000-03-28  Frank Warmerdam  <warmerda@cs46980-c>    *** 3.5.5 release


* fax2ps: Fixed mixup of width and height in bounding box statement as per submission by Nalin Dahyabhai <>.

2000-03-27  Mike Welles      <> 

        * fax2ps:  Modified printruns to take uint32 instead of uint16.  

Patch courtesy of Bernt Herd <>

2000-03-20  Mike Welles      <> 

2000-03-17  Frank Warmerdam  <warmerda@cs46980-c>

* tif_fax3.c: Fixed serious bug introduced during the uint16->uint32 conversion for the run arrays.

2000-03-03  Frank Warmerdam  <>

* Set td_sampleformat default to SAMPLEFORMAT_UINT instead of SAMPLEFORMAT_VOID in TIFFDefaultDirectory() in tif_dir.c.

2000-03-02  Frank Warmerdam  <>

Tue Feb 15 22:01:05 2000  Frank Warmerdam  <>

        * Fixed tools/tiffcmp so that stopondiff testing works.

  Patch care of Joseph Orost <>.

2000-01-28 <warmerda@CS46980-B>

        * Modified tif_unix.c to support 2-4GB seeks if USE_64BIT_API is

  set to 1, and added default (off) setting in tiffconf.h. This
  should eventually be set by the configure script somehow.

  The original work on all these 2-4GB changes was done by
  Peter Smith (

        * Modified tif_win32.c to support 2-4GB seeks.

Fri Jan 28 10:13:49 2000  Frank Warmerdam  <>

Wed Jan  5 12:37:48 2000  Frank Warmerdam  <>

        * Added TIFFmemory(3t) functions to libtiff.def.

Tue Jan  4 13:39:00 2000  Frank Warmerdam  <>

* Added libtiff/libtiff.def to TIFFILES distribution list.

Mon Dec 27 12:13:39 EST 1999 Mike Welles <>

* Updated index.html to note lzw compression kit.

Tue Dec 21 14:01:51 1999  Frank Warmerdam  <>

        * Added fax3sm_winnt.c to distribution list in