2003.11.17 00:45 "[Tiff] TIFF, v3.6.0. Fetching "custom" tags", by Chris Losinger

2003.11.17 16:26 "[Tiff] TIFF, v3.6.0. Fetching "custom" tags", by Andrey Kiselev

The intent is that new tags encountered should auto-register themselves. I checked with photometric.tif, and sure enough TIFFGetField() didn't work. I looked into the code, and it seems that in tif_dirinfo.c 1.21 the line dp->tdir_tag = IGNORE was added in causing the newly defined tag to be ignored. This is something that I had removed in rev 1.17. Why was it re-introduced. Even in 1.17 I wasn't clear on why the code had ever been there, so perhaps there is a reason you added it?

With that line removed, the fetching of the new tag works fine. In fact it is even reported by tiffinfo (named "Tag 34665"):

Oh, yes, you are right. Now I'm recall that it worked previously.

Those change was made to fix the bug #358.

I haven't committed the change to tif_dirinfo.c yet, pending feedback on why the IGNORE setting was there.

Please, commit the change. I shall reopen the bug 358. It seems we need other solution for that problem.


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