2010.01.15 13:40 "Re: [Tiff] eta for bigtiff support?", by Phil Harvey

2010.01.20 20:17 "Re: [Tiff] eta for bigtiff support?", by Olivier Paquet

This needs to be weighed against the downsides of using a different MIME type. IMO: slower adoption by applications and perhaps user confusion. I'm uncertain how much this matters given the target audience for BigTIFF.

I think that we should all be concerned about the >4GB BigTIFF email attachments.

:] I doubt they will clog the internet any time soon.

But seriously, not all BigTIFF files will be >4GB. Especially given that with libtiff you have to pick your format when you create the file, before knowing how well it will compress and perhaps even before knowing how many directories it will contain (eg. a scanner with an automatic document feeder). So it's not unreasonable to imagine that we'll see BigTIFF files small enough to be emailed.