1996.11.07 14:24 "Unresolved __eprintf", by Keith Arbuckle

1996.11.07 17:24 "Re: Unresolved __eprintf", by Gary Burgess

The seemed fine until I tried to link in the tiff library with ImageMagick which produced the error message "Unresolved: __eprintf".

This happens when one (or more) of your libraries are built with gcc, and you try and link using something other than the GNU linker. The __eprintf() function lives in one of the GNU libraries.

I can think of three ways to fix the problem. You could a) build entirely with gcc, b) identify and link against the library that contains __eprintf(), or c) do what I have done in the past - create a stub which does nothing, ie. create eprintf.c like so:

void __eprintf(void)

This is only viable if you don't care too much about what __eprintf is supposed to do!

Good luck.

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