2001.04.26 14:40 "8K chunks for RowsPerStrip?", by Michael O'Rourke

2001.04.26 17:19 "Re: 8K chunks for RowsPerStrip?", by Daniel McCoy

We have files over 2GB size, I really don't want them in one strip. Even the smallest with 100-200MB are really annoying (as single strip), because processing has to wait until the whole file is decoded to memory.

Clearly, single-strip images shouldn't be the standard. I don't think anyone would suggest that. Some recommended strip size is needed.

But 8k is miniscule.

We often write out scan lines of 2048 pixels, four channels in single-precision floating point. That's already 32k. Internally, we ignore the the 8k and use either 32 scanlines or 128k strips.

I think a strip size recommendation of between 32k and 512k would be more reasonable.

Daniel McCoy