1996.11.07 14:24 "Unresolved __eprintf", by Keith Arbuckle

1996.11.07 14:24 "Unresolved __eprintf", by Keith Arbuckle


I have recently been trying to use the tiff library provided by Sam Leffler with the application ImageMagick by John Cristy. When I built the tiff library, it only created a standard library file (.a) and not a shared library (.so). Normally, ImageMagick expects to use the shared library version. Since one wasn't created, I simply linked in the standard library with ImageMagick. The seemed fine until I tried to link in the tiff library with ImageMagick which produced the error message "Unresolved: __eprintf".

After using the "ld -y" command to determine where the unresolved was being used. I discovered it was being called from several places in the tiff library, with tif_read.c being one of those files. I searched on the call to eprintf, but could not find this reference throughout any of the .c or .h files in all of the tiff library. I also checked any possible standard header files that might reference eprintf. Much to my discouragement, I could not locate any reference to eprintf. I then searched all the standard libraries for a reference to eprintf and found this in /usr/lib/X11/dyDDX/xdps.so. But attempts to link against this library failed due to an invalid magic number.

Does anyone have an idea of how to resolve this problem? I would really appreciate any help you might be able to provide.

The system I am using is an SGI Indy R4600/133 MHZ running IRIX 5.3.

 Additionally, I am using the beta035 version of tiff 3.4.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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