1999.10.23 12:01 "LIBTIFF support for Windows", by Jan Nijtmans

1999.10.23 12:01 "LIBTIFF support for Windows", by Jan Nijtmans

Would the following patch make any chance to be included in libtiff-3.5.3?

Rationale: In order to produce a Windows dll, VC++ (and currently Borland and gcc as well) support the "__declspec(dllexport)" tag to specify which symbols should be exported. It would make my life (and I'm sure a lot others) much easier for me if libtiff included this in the header files.

The implementation in this patch is identical to the implementation in zlib-1.1.3. This library has Windows support since ages.

If someone is interested in the Makefiles for VC++ (4.x, 5.0, 6.0) or gcc-2.95 (mingw or cygwin variant), I can supply those as well. I successfully compiled libtiff with VC++ 5.0 and gcc-2.95-mingw, so if someone is interested in those dll's, I can supply them as well.


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