2003.11.16 22:37 "[Tiff] reading Affymetrix tiff images", by Sridhar Duggireddy

2003.11.17 09:13 "[Tiff] reading Affymetrix tiff images", by Ross Finlayson

I am doing project on Affymetrix tiff images. Now I want to read Affymetrix tiff images. I am new to the TIFF image processing.I am not knowing what type of tiff images are affymetrix images like scanline-based, strip-based or tle based. Is there a way to know the type of the image? can you please explain with some program on how to read these tiff images.

Hi Sridhar,

You might want to try using the tools in the tools directory. The tiffinfo program will provide a short listing from the TIFFPrintDirectory function for the image. I am not familiar with the Affymetrix images.

If you want to program using libtiff within your program, basically libtiff offers the functions to uncompress and read the data into a buffer of samples. Then, depending upon your image processing requirements, you might convert the samples to the display image sample format for the display output, or use image processing algorithms on the data.

What you describe is a pretty wide issue, you need to detail your requirements.

Have a nice day,

Ross Finlayson