1997.02.12 00:23 "TIFF 6.0 JPEG or OJPEG_SUPPORT", by Henri Schueler

1997.02.12 16:24 "Re: TIFF 6.0 JPEG or OJPEG_SUPPORT", by Tom Lane

It does not have any other JPEG tags, specifically not any JPEGInterchangeFormat tags.

The compressed data is stored as a single tile -- does that make the problem simpler?

Yes it does, because that eliminates some of the ambiguities in TIFF 6.0 related to handling strip/tile boundaries.

What you'd have to do is take the JPEG table tag contents, plus the compressed data proper, and wrap the required JPEG markers around them to produce a valid JPEG interchange datastream. This could either be dumped out on its own to make a JFIF-compatible file, or written out as the compressed data within a Tech-Note-#2-style TIFF/JPEG file. (The latter approach would allow you to preserve any useful auxiliary data present in the regular TIFF tags. But it won't help unless the programs you want to use support that flavor of TIFF.)

This'd probably take just a few hours' work for someone familiar with the JPEG standard. I don't have time or interest to tackle it personally, however.

                        regards, tom lane
                        organizer, Independent JPEG Group