1997.02.12 00:23 "TIFF 6.0 JPEG or OJPEG_SUPPORT", by Henri Schueler

1997.02.12 08:22 "Re: TIFF 6.0 JPEG or OJPEG_SUPPORT", by Henri Schueler

Thank you.

I saw a message from 1994, in which ndr@tazboy.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Niles Ritter) mentioned that he had written a mangled combo of libtiff and ijg lib.

I'm trying to get in touch with him.

On a NeXT computer, the problem is simple to solve, since the OS suports JFIF files as well as the TIFF 6.0 style. But I'm not on a NeXT machine...

I have examined my TIFF 6.0 jpeg files, and found that they contain these deprecated tags, e.g.:

JPEGProcessingMode (512) SHORT (3) 1<1>
JPEGQTables (519) LONG (4) 3<32404 32468 32532>
JPEGDCTables (520) LONG (4) 3<32608 32636 32664>
JPEGACTables (521) LONG (4) 3<32704 32882 33060>

It does not have any other JPEG tags, specifically not any JPEGInterchangeFormat tags.

The compressed data is stored as a single tile -- does that make the problem simpler?

J.Henri Schueler
Comnetix Computer Systems