2001.04.10 19:44 "Does libtiff support Old-Style JPEG (Rev. 6.0 June 3 1992)?", by Wolfram Bettermann

Hi guys,

We are successfully decoding black&white cheque images using libtiff in our company and are very happy with the stability of this lib.

Unfortunately, we now have to support cheque images in grayscale from a financial institution which passes us TIFF wrapped JPEG images using the flawy design in Rev. 6.0 June 3 1992, they are *not* wrapped described in the Draft TIFF Technical Note #2.

My question to you folks, does libtiff support this old-style JPEG implementation? I saw in the tiff_jpeg.c that libtiff supports the very good implemention of the IJG group (Thomas G. Lane.), but I could not find infos whether the old-style JPEG is still supported in libtiff.

If not, does anyone know a lib who allows to decode the old-style JPEG?


Wolfram Bettermann