2003.10.31 00:45 "ask for suggestions....", by Zuyuan Wang

2003.11.03 15:23 "[Tiff] Re: ask for suggestions....", by Zuyuan Wang

Dear Andrey V. Kiselev,

Thanks a lot for your mail. As to my problem, I realy not know how to write the TIFF image with the TIFFWriteScanline. For example, I write the following code just to test whether TIFFWriteScanline can works:

   OUT_tif = TIFFOpen(OUT_filename, "w");

   TIFFSetField(OUT_tif, TIFFTAG_IMAGEWIDTH,tileWidth);   //tileWidth=256

   bufscanline_8= (uint32 *) malloc(tileWidth*3*sizeof(uint32));

           *(bufscanline_8+x)=23;  // just set the buffer to a constant

   TIFFWriteScanline(OUT_tif,bufscanline_8, row,0);


And at last, I can't open the OUT_tif file.

Would you please tell me that what't wrong with the above code? What's the data format of the TIFFWriteScanline? Is the data arrange shoulc be ' RGBRGB.....'? All data is uint32 or not?

Thanks a lot for your kind help.....

Best regards...

Zuyuan Wang
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