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1998.05.05 07:52 "RLE problems", by Tomáš Suk
1998.05.06 13:46 "Re: RLE problems", by Bill Davis
1998.05.06 14:08 "Re: RLE problems", by Tim Shaporev
1998.05.06 16:09 "Re: RLE problems", by Helge Blischke
1998.05.12 15:05 "RLE problems addendum", by Helge Blischke

1998.05.06 14:08 "Re: RLE problems", by Tim Shaporev

It may not be that simple. I don't use the RLE coding, but what I have read on this list indicates that changing the software to read the incorrect files will then prevent it from reading correct files.

Hm-m, I have the opposite impression.

I think it is a bad idea to not be able to read correct files just so incorrect ones can be read.


But reading both with a selection seems useful.

And autodetection is even better. :-)