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2008.08.23 00:12 "Re: [Tiff] creating sparse files......", by Edward Lam

On Fri, August 22, 2008 16:02, Phillip Crews wrote:

If this is for Windows, the simplest solution for the OP may be to store

It is common to use tif_unix.c on Windows. For example, I think the only way to use a 64-bit compiled libtiff on Windows right now is to use tif_unix.c. Ideally, we can maintain tif_unix.c to work on Windows as well.

AFAICT on Windows, sparse files are supported on NTFS, but ONLY if you explicitly mark it as such using DeviceIOControl. So Rogier's changes to tif_unix.c won't help on Windows even if it was made to compile by changing the use of ftruncate() to chsize().

IMHO, the right way is to fix hugin to use TIFFClientOpen(). There's no need to specialize this case. I might even argue that the uncompressed .tiff case is not as common as one may think.

   if (mode[0] == 'w' && (mode[1] == 'c' || mode[2] == 'c') ) {

Note that both the c and C flags are already used to control strip chopping functionality.