2009.11.30 05:05 "[Tiff] TIFFTAG_JPEGTABLES mandatory for JPEG-in-TIFF since 3.8.x ?", by Lee Howard

2009.11.30 07:01 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFTAG_JPEGTABLES mandatory for JPEG-in-TIFF since 3.8.x ?", by


Is it silly of me to not want TIFFTAG_JPEGTABLES written to the TIFF?

No, it isn't.

From a JPEG point of view, there roughly exists two options.

Since I need to make the application be compatible with libtiff 3.8.2 - if there's not a way to avoid writing TIFFTAG_JPEGTABLES with that version when writing JPEG-in-TIFF, then I'll probably just need to write TIFFTAG_JPEGTABLES properly... but I wanted to understand if this was intentional behavior by libtiff, or if this is a bug, or if I just don't know what I'm doing (likely).

Must be categorized as a bug. It's not the only one, related to that tag. I seem to remember that the decompressor holds on to the tables of the previous individual strip/tile when decompressing a subsequent individual strip/tile, effectively using wrong and unrelated tables when the previous strip/tile overwrites tables in JpegTables tag, and the subsequent

strip/tile doesn't.

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