1998.07.09 09:30 "Urgent help needed for installing software", by Tian Feng

Dear sir/madam,

I downloaded a file for TIFF LIBRARY (TL) from the ftp on sgi.com, tiff-v3.4-tar.z to my SGI O2 workstation running on IRIX 6.3.

To decompress it with gzcat, a directory, tiff-v3.4 was created with some files and subdirectories. First of all I ran the command configure, then make, some error messages appeared like the following:

Collect2: 1d    return 1 exit status
                1d      Segmentation fault
Removing output file ....
Error code 1

Could you tell me how to solve this error?

In addition could I change the default directory for installing tools, includes, bin to others rather than /usr/local/(bin, include, man, ...) as it can only be accessed by the super user?

Hope to have your consultation soon,

Thank you very much,