2003.08.31 22:21 "[Tiff] compiling libtiff + libjpeg errors", by Gennady Khokhorin

2003.09.03 19:11 "[Tiff] libtiff+libjpeg compilation error", by Gennady Khokhorin

Hello, Andrey!

Yes. It was a problem with type mismatch. With a help from Igor Venevtsev (Moscow, Russia) I'm running tiff with jpeg compression.

Igor pointed out that LibTIFF redefines standard windows 'boolean' (unsigned char) as 'unsigned int'. I just change libtiff definition (tif_jpeg.c, lines 62..65) to one from jconfig.h:

/* Define "boolean" as unsigned char, not int, per Windows custom */
#ifndef __RPCNDR_H__                /* don't conflict if rpcndr.h already read */
typedef unsigned char boolean;
#define HAVE_BOOLEAN           /* prevent jmorecfg.h from redefining it */

I got the same result after changing boolean type definition on libjpeg side.

Thanks for you support!

Gennady Khokhorin
Software Developer,
AeroMap US, Intl