1999.10.29 22:27 "Print-to-TIFF printer driver for windows?", by Kevin D. Quitt

1999.10.30 04:36 "Re: Print-to-TIFF printer driver for windows?", by Geoff Marshall

There's no shortage, depends whether you need the source or not. www.blackice.com have one, but very expensive if I recollect around $1200

there's also a fax toolkit called faxman, which is a much better deal because you get lots more goodies for much less momey. You can find it at www.vb-xtras.com (I think, or just get the vbxtras 800 number) But best to do a thorugh search on the web, the technology has been available for a good number of years and you may be able to find a freeware version.....let me know if of you do!

Geoff Marshall