2003.10.31 00:45 "ask for suggestions....", by Zuyuan Wang

2003.10.31 11:35 "[Tiff] Re: ask for suggestions....", by Andrey Kiselev


Thanks very much for your mail. Because I am a new to TIFF, there is so many problem.... Thanks again for your kind help.

After I used the 'TIFFReadTile(IN_tif, buf_8,col,row,0,0)' to read the tile data, I used 'bufscanline_8[position]=(buf_8[(x+y*tileWidth)*3])' to read out the data,but when I print it out, they are all like '-842150451'. It shows that I make the wrong way for reading the data out. On the other hand, I tried TIFFGerR() to get the data, and later on write it into the file, but the file could not be open.

Would you like to tell me 1)what's the format of the tile image read by the TIFFReafTile, is it 'RGBRGBRGB....', for my image, they are 'PLANARCONFIG_CONTIG'.

As Frank said, you should supply us with the tiffinfo report for your file before we can discuss how this file could be read.

2)How to use ' TIFFWrteScanline'? Is it possible for me to read one tile image line by line, and write into file line by line by using ' TIFFWriteScanline'?

Yes, when you will have a buffer filled with data you can write this buffer line by line.

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