1999.07.15 23:47 "RGB Gradient Code, adapted from Andreas Neumann", by Eric B. Middlecamp

1999.07.16 16:17 "Re: RGB Gradient Code, adapted from Andreas Neumann", by Daniel McCoy

I made a simple extension to Andreas Neumann's gradient code, (see http://www.gis.univie.ac.at/strv/strv/leute/andi/computer/graphics/raster-formats/example_tiff_main.html) but the output TIFF image has some odd contamination. Looking at the image, you wouldn't be able to tell -- however a histogram reveals that some levels are omitted and others are doubled.

Has anyone else experienced bizarre anomalies like this?

The code looks fine, and Niles was able to run it with no problem. But you don't say anything about what type of computer, operating system, compiler, image display program, how you produced the histogram or what version of libtiff you used in your message.

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