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1999.10.30 18:14 "Re: Y2000 and libtiff", by Niles Ritter


Just a follow-up to the original inquiry about the GNU web page indicating that "libtiff" is not Y2K compliant.

In my original reply, I stated that there is absolutely *nothing* in the tools and the library which have any implicit century assumptions or Y2K issues. This is precisely correct, and I will stand by that statement.

There IS, however, some source code sitting under the "contrib/ras" section (specifically, ras2tif.c) that uses a two-digit year and tacks on a 19 in front when creating the date-time tag. Bad. This should of course be fixed, but these packages are not built in the standard "config/make" process, and are provided "as-is, cash and carry, park it and lock it, not responsible", etc. Half the stuff in those directories probably won't even build any more. The libtiff pages direct you to the original authors of the code, etc.

But, like they say, it only takes one bad monkey to ruin the whole barrel of fun...

The bottom line is, if you use "libtiff" in one of your products, you will probably have NO Y2K issues that may be traced back to the libtiff library, or its associated "tools" utilities. However, you will also probably have a hard time finding anyone to write you a Y2K warrantee for this freeware product.