2000.03.26 20:01 "Re: TIFF 7.0", by Howard Kaikow

2000.03.27 08:38 "Re: TIFF 7.0", by Niclas Borlin

Has *anyone* been able to register a new tag in the last three years?

Hi Niles,

I have, and it was *last* year. I sent an initial request for 5 tags numbers to ada@adobe.com on 18 Mar 1999. On 29 Mar 1999 I received an email from euroada@adobe.com acknowledging my request (and citing a handover from the US team for the delay). The next day an email from eurodevsup@Adobe.COM told me that tag numbers 37696 to 37700 were reserved for me.

Perhaps the European support is more responsive than the US? ;-)

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