2016.05.16 12:04 "[Tiff] Converting TIFF stack into BigTIFF stack - MATLAB", by wp10476055-2

Hello everybody,

I want to save a TIFF stack as a BigTIFF stack with matlab.

Wrote the following code:

     function BigTIFF_converter (Stackname)

    info = imfinfo(Stackname);


    outputFileName = strcat(Stackname(1:length(Stackname)-4),'_BIG.tif');

    for i=1:L

        frame  = imread(Stackname, 'Index', i);

        bigtiff = Tiff(outputFileName,'w8');


However this code doesn't work for single images nor for stacks. The resulting file cannot be opened with the Fiji Bioformats plugin.

Also reading in the frames in Matlab using

    A = imread('Stackname_BIG.tif')

causes Matlab to crash. What do I do wrong? Does anybody know a different strategy to do the conversion?

Thanks a lot for help!!