2004.10.17 23:34 "[Tiff] Help with tiff file", by C.F. Scheidecker Antunes

2004.10.19 11:35 "Re: [Tiff] Help with tiff file", by Gerben Vos


Yes, this is the complet tiffinfo.

Hmm... maybe the images were put together in one file in a non-standard way. Just an idea (a pretty wild guess, really): you could try to load the file into a binary editor and search if the TIFF file signature is present elsewhere in the file. The TIFF file signature is either "II" followed by 2A 00 hexadecimal, or "MM" followed by 00 2A hexadecimal. This is then followed by 4 bytes containing a file offset to a TIFF directory (probably to the very next byte). You can then use "tiffinfo -o offset" to view that TIFF directory.

If my guess is right and this is indeed the case, you would need to write special tool to decode this file. Maybe there is an index somewhere indicating at which offsets the TIFFs start.

What I want to be sue is wether a 2748x2028 TIFF can be of size 150mb.

No way. Even uncompressed it would only be 700K, but G4-compressed like your image it would probably be something like 50K.

How can I be sure of the number of pages in a TIFF file? That is, how can I know for sure that it only has one page?

tiffinfo (which you used) and tiffdump do this very well. I'm not sure if they list subdirectories (via the SubIFD tag), though. Hmm... looking at the source, for tiffinfo this depends on whether you have compiled libtiff with SUBIFD_SUPPORT or not. tiffdump should always list them.


Gerben Vos.