2004.06.14 14:57 "[Tiff] Quality of service", by Joris Van Damme

2004.06.14 17:52 "Re: [Tiff] Quality of service", by Chris Cox

Chris or anyone concerned,

I see http://partners.adobe.com/asn/tech/tiff/index.jsp still refers to tiff-request@sgi.com. The proper place to point to is the LibTiff homepage at http://www.remotesensing.org/libtiff/, instead. This particular Adobe page is probably the single most important TIFF page around. It has PageRank 8, which beats even libtiff.org. A good pointer, on that page, may be a small step for Adobe, but it's a giant gift for the legit LibTiff domain. I mentioned this before, and added that I wouldn't mind a pointer to the archive on that page, either. Being a bit of a nag now, chances for a pointer to the archive are probably decreasing. But Adobe probably does want to consider at least linking to remotesensing/libtiff, on that page, instead of presenting the 'Adobe partners' with only a pointer that hasn't been valid for years.

I've tried to get it corrected a few times, but haven't gotten the right people apparently.

I'll try again.