2004.10.24 07:37 "[Tiff] [request] add --rpath for jpeg and zlib", by Norihiko Murase

2004.10.29 19:48 "--enable-rpath works FINE!! (Re: [Tiff] [request] add --rpath for jpeg and zlib)", by Norihiko Murase

I have added the --enable-rpath option to configure script (available in CVS). Could you check whether it does the thing your need?

I tried the source from the CVS repository at 0:51 on 30th, and I did see this option work fine; the -R option is added correctly to the libtool.

% ldd libtiff/.libs/libtiff.so
        libz.so => /usr/local/zlib/lib/libz.so (0x28168000)
% ldd tools/.libs/tiffsplit
        libz.so => /usr/local/zlib/lib/libz.so (0x280a9000)

Thanks you very much!!

Best regards,

Norihiko Murase <skeleten [AT] shillest.net>