2004.05.17 13:12 "[Tiff] Compression", by Dlpnet

2004.05.17 14:24 "Re: [Tiff] Compression", by Andrey Kiselev

The problem is when I try to add compression. My filesize if even bigger with the PACKBIT compression and just slightly smaller with the LZW compression. (for differents images which normally can be compressed correctly)

Is it correct, do I need to change anything to get smaller file?

Efficiency of compression is depend on the nature of your data. In general LZW works better than Packbits and Deflate works better than LZW (though it is slowest compression method). If you have 1-bit B/W data it is undoubtedly you should use Fax compression. Changing the strip/tile size also helps to reduce the file. Compression usually works better with the tiled images.

So your question does not make sense without data description (in terms of size, type and contents).


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