2014.12.29 23:05 "[Tiff] libtiff binaries for 64 bit Windows", by Kevin Myers

Hello folks,

Several years ago, I managed to build binaries of libtiff 3.9.2 for use under 32 bit Windows. Now I would like to obtain equivalent libtiff 3.9.x binaries (3.9.2 or later, but pre-4.x.x) for use under 64 bit Windows. I am aware that the 32 bit binaries are (probably?) still usable under 64 bit Windows, but I would prefer to have 64 bit binaries, if possible, to better handle large images. Also, I believe that I need to stick with 3.9.x rather than 4.x.x due to compatibility issues with existing applications for which I do not have source code.

I am an extreme amateur when it comes to building binaries under Windows. I have found building libtiff under Windows to be extremely time consuming and error prone for someone like me who doesn't do this kind of thing very often, especially since the number of supporting modules that must also be built for libtiff is significant, and the instructions for building all of them under Windows are quite sparse. Therefore, I would strongly prefer to obtain pre-built libtiff binaries for 64 bit Windows if at all possible. Does anyone know where I can find these? I did some Google searches, and haven't come up with any Windows binaries more recent than 3.8.2, which won't work for my purposes.

Kevin M.