2004.06.14 14:57 "[Tiff] Quality of service", by Joris Van Damme

2004.06.14 15:18 "Re: [Tiff] Quality of service", by Frank Warmerdam

For something like two months now, the remotesensing server is more down then up, or so it seems. Please note that this doesn't just cripple any effort to ensure some visibility of remotesensing/libtiff, doesn't just make it hard to persuade people to link to remotesensing/libtiff instead of libtiff.org, but also damages anyone who has already been kind enough to update his links to point to the remotesensing domain. Google actually considers remotesensing/libtiff to be dead, now, and considers our pages to contain dead links!

In a world with many millions of web pages, whatever cannot be found does not actually exist, for all practical purposes. That is why you should make sure that remotesensing/libtiff is amongst the very first search result returned when Google is queried for 'libtiff'. Instead, it is currently not returned at all. There's approx 149.000 search results for 'libtiff', and remotesensing/libtiff is not amongst them. Worst case scenario, it may take up to two months before remotesensing/libtiff is again returned in a remotely noticable position, *if* remotesensing server is up all the time.


The contents of remotesensing.org will be moving to a new machine at a new hosting provider "pretty soon now". That will hopefully resolve the substantial downtime we have been suffering of late.

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