2004.05.27 01:15 "[Tiff] large TIFF - two alternatives", by Steve Carlsen

2004.05.27 13:05 "Re: [Tiff] large TIFF - two alternatives", by Frank Warmerdam

This is a serious question, and not intended as a flame: if I need to support a new file format to get >2/4GB support, why wouldn't I just use PNG?


If it works, then by all means.

Some reasons why some folks might not find PNG sufficient:

In short, there are many features of TIFF that are desirable in specific sorts of imaging applications that are missing in other formats.

All that said, given the "compatibility gap" we are likely to face with any new large file approach I do sometimes wonder if other existing formats which support large files wouldn't be sufficient.

PS. I love PNG and use it extensively for some applications.

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