2004.10.17 23:34 "[Tiff] Help with tiff file", by C.F. Scheidecker Antunes

2004.10.19 23:24 "[Tiff] Re: Help with tiff file", by David Scriven

What I want to be sue is wether a 2748x2028 TIFF can be of size 150mb. It is a file tha contains a simple engine drawing among exploded parts one. I've used GIMP 2.0 with my linux desktop and I do not seem to see more than one layer.

How can I be sure of the number of pages in a TIFF file? That is, how can I know for sure that it only has one page?

I've come across a multi-page 'tiff' that had a single header but had additional tags to tell you how many pages/images there were and the size of the image - each image was the same size.

Are there any unknown fields with tag xxx reported with tiffinfo? What does tiffdump show?

If there are no other tags you might try and assume that all the images are the same size as the first one and try and decode the image that way - you'll have to write your own decoder, of course.