2004.10.16 20:14 "[Tiff] missing install target for html?", by Jeremy C. Reed

2004.10.21 17:06 "Re: [Tiff] missing install target for html?", by Jeremy C. Reed

I don't see any install method for the html files.

Do I need to install the html and images manually? Or is there some method via the configure-generated Makefile(s)?

There should be method to install the documentation in the appropirate place, so feel free to create the Bugzilla entry for that problem.

Okay. I am creating an account now. And now it is Bug 639.

(I do not want to install the HTML-ized manpages though, so I will patch the index.html to not point to the man pages too.)

But why? There are many links to the HTML manuals from the documentation pages. I don't know how the NetBSD package is organized, but it is better to split it into several peaces: -lib, -tools, -dev, -docs. If

Since the man pages were installed, it seemed redundant. But maybe splitting into a complete separate tiff-docs package would be better. Thanks.

Also, is there an automated way to get the man3 man pages to be installed without .3t suffix? (I am patching man/Makefile.in for now.)

There is no such a way. But does it a problem? If it is real problem, please, create Bugzilla report for this one too and I shall just remove those suffixes manually.

The default use of "man TIFFstrip" didn't work on a NetBSD system until I copied the file to a filename with just .3 extension. (I didn't look at any man options or configurations.)

Maybe it is not a real problem, but since the default doesn't work here, it would be a convenience.

Filed as Bug 640.

Thank you,

Jeremy C. Reed

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