2004.11.03 11:32 "[Tiff] making the LIBTIFF.LIB", by Phil Collig

2004.11.05 21:24 "Re: [Tiff] making the LIBTIFF.LIB", by Andrey Kiselev

I've just downloaded the source for the LIBTIFF, but it doesn?t seem to build properly.

I'm using M$ visual studio .NET and I get a message that "O_RDONLY" and other constant from "fcntl.h" that are UNDECLARED.

I'm puzzled? Everything seems fine to me.

How did you build the library? The libtiff package contains makefiles suitable for the nmake utility supplied with the MSVC. If you want to use IDE and create a project don't forget to rename the config.h.vc file into the config.h and include that file in project too.


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