2015.02.12 17:44 "[Tiff] introducing new debian maintainer for tiff", by Jay Berkenbilt

After over 10 years of maintaining the tiff packages for debian, I am passing the torch to a new maintainer, Ondřej Surý, who will be taking over maintenance pretty much right away. Ondřej is now subscribed to the list. He currently maintains many packages within debian including the jpeg libraries, so he will be able to hit the ground running. I've enjoyed being the debian maintainer for tiff and helping out with things like getting debian and friends to transition to tiff 4.x, helping out with soname and symbol versioning issues, and generally just being in the loop. When I took over maintaining the tiff packages, I had no kids and a job where I was doing lots of image-related software development in a debian environment. Now I have preschool-aged twins and work in release engineering at a Java EE shop, so my tiff work has been relegated to my increasingly scarce free time. Debian and derivatives will be better served if I pass the baton, so I am doing so.

I wish to express my thanks to the tiff maintainers for being a great upstream to work with. You make my life relatively easy as a packager, which is why I have held on for so long. It's hard to let go of this, but it's the right thing to do.

--Jay Berkenbilt