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2015.03.10 10:44 "[Tiff] How to convert FAX FILE CCITT3 to TIFF", by pat 000


Before everything, sorry for my poor English (I'm french)...

I have some questions about converting a Fax Raw file CCIITT 3 to TIFF. I must write a programme that convert these files. Before i used the "fax2tiff" program with the following command line: "fax2tiff source -o result.tif -L -1 -R 98". I don't know the differents step to process the conversion. I tried something to begin

Here are my differents steps

  1. I open the output file in writting mode
  2. I Set the differents TAG with TIFFSetField Routine for the output file

3) I open the Input file
 FILE * file = fopen("inputfile", "r");

After i don't know how to go on?

I don't know how to read the input file. Must i read the entire file with one read()?

How must i write the data into the output file?

Thank you!