2004.11.19 16:35 "[Tiff] G4 1D/2D Decompression - Can't understand the Code :-(", by Michael Knigge


I was able to use the LibTIFF to decompress G3 and G4 data that I've read into memory.

Now I need to decode IBM MMR Data, that is similar to G3 2D Compression. The Data is like:

1D-EOL | 1D Data | 2D-EOL | 2D Data | 2D Data...

The first 9 bits are EOL(1D) followed by 1D Data. An EOL(2D) follows and then the following lines are encoded 2D without any EOL-Markers. At the end there may be 6x EOL 1D...

The source code is very complicated (with all the used Macros) and hope that one of the developers could help me patching the source code.

I've extracted my source code (hope it builds) out of my project and made a test-file available. Both is availabe at http://www.textmode.de/need-help-please.zip

It would be very kind if someone could help me... I'm digging in the source since hours and it seems that I'm too silly to get it working....

Thank you very much,