2010.01.15 13:40 "Re: [Tiff] eta for bigtiff support?", by Phil Harvey

2010.01.21 02:33 "Re: [Tiff] eta for bigtiff support?", by Bob Friesenhahn

Really. Interest by lots of knowledgeable engineers by a company does not constitute endorsement by the company. Is there a statement anywhere that Adobe, the corporation, endorses BigTIFF? If there is, fine.

I don't think that anyone here (except for maybe yourself) expect that Adobe should officially endorse BigTIFF. However, we do expect that eventually Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe products should and will support it.

There is simply no other file format which addresses the requirements and capabilities that TIFF provides, and Adobe products will clearly benefit from supporting it as long as there is demonstrated interoperability with other software.

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