1999.04.21 20:24 "scanlinesize", by Sim Zacks

1999.04.21 20:24 "scanlinesize", by Sim Zacks

I'm having a problem and I'm not sure if this is a libtiff bug or if it's a Windows thing or a mixture of both.

In Bitmaps the image has to be Word aligned and if it isn't it pads 0's at the end of the scanline.

When I read the tiff image into memory and I ask for scanLineSize, I expect it to give me the Word aligned Scanlinesize so I can use the image. I am experiencing 2 problems. 1. when I read the data out in a strip it doesn't pad it with 0's so the image doesn't come on the screen at all. 2. When I do it with ScanLine IO I have to figure out how many extra bytes to leabve off.

Is this a problem in Tiff or my implementation?